CHAD MICHAEL WARD: Photographer + Filmmaker

Chad Michael Ward
Photographer + Filmmaker


Looking for a naked girl or two, preferably with little to no tattoos that I can cover head to toe in blood for inclusion in my film, STRANGE BLOOD. No pay but hey, it’s me and well, blood. Right? Email me privately if interested in being considered.

Trevor Friedrich  
Combichrist, Imperative Reaction, The Witch Was Right

Photography by: Chad Michael Ward |

RHCP’s Chad Smith interview I helped shoot for Guitar Center.

Not every video I do is dark and spooky…

Here’s This Can’t End Well’s “I’ll Let You Watch” that I co-directed with Niko Sonnberger a few years back…

Sistol, “A Better Shore”

Strange little music video I shot for director Burke Roberts back in 2012.

Gearing up for some new photo shoots this Spring.  Who should I shoot?

Several years ago, when I purchased my Canon 7D, I decided to test out its abilities by spending an afternoon shooting an experimental little erotic flick I called THE WALTZ.  I really didn’t have much of a clue about what I was doing but the end result was…interesting.

I can’t believe it’s been over 3 years since we did Combichrist’s controversial “Throat Full of Glass” music video.  So much fun to shoot, but cleaning up all those feathers was such a pain in the ass!  This video also marked Mary Taylor’s debut as a producer.

Underhaus Productions 2013 Show Reel.

Underhaus Productions is a Los Angeles-based boutique production house formed in 2010 that specializes in music video production and promotional photography by critically-acclaimed director/photographer Chad Michael Ward and his partner, producer/photographer Mary Taylor.

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